Joyful Journey’s hosting program(s) are conducted during the summer and winter months. Our hosting program’s purpose is for disadvantaged children to experience a joyful journey and many memorable moments of happiness with the support of caring and loving host families in a safe environment. At the end of this journey, we want children to have renewed hope, excitement and a positive outlook on their future.

Joyful Journey’s summer and winter hosting programs provide host families and children the opportunity to interact and engage in physical, cultural and educational activities that encourage and support the children’s physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Physical well-being is achieved with regular physical activity; proper nutrition and adequate rest. While children visit their host family, they will have the opportunity to engage in activities that promote exercise, nutritious meals and adequate sleep.

Emotional well-being is linked to physical health and it is the result of experiencing positive emotions; feeling excited, strong and proud. Children will have the opportunity to experience positive feelings and emotions while they interact with host families and engage in cultural, educational and fun activities. In addition, children will have the opportunity to observe and experience loving and caring family dynamics.

Spiritual well-being is achieved through the development of healthy relationships; an authentic connection to God and the daily practice of the spiritual virtues: Faith, hope, and love. Children will have the opportunity to learn family values through their daily interaction with host families; they will develop healthy relationships with family members and our Joyful Journey team; they will experience an authentic connection to God through prayer and activities that involve reading Bible stories and participation in church services.

Our hosting programs are great opportunities for you to invite a child from an orphanage to your home and offer a child your love and support. You can help make our upcoming summer and winter hosting programs wonderful gifts of love, care and unforgettable memories for the children. Please refer to the Summer or Winter Hosting Program documents for details on our process and requirements to host a child.

If you are not able to host a child at this time, please consider sponsoring another family to help with their hosting program expenses or volunteering to support various hosting program activities/events in your community. Please refer to “Your Support” section of our website for more information.

Please be advised that our organization is not an adoption agency, however, if you desire to adopt your host child, you can contact us for a referral of adoption professionals who will assist you with your adoption needs.

Our Joyful Journey team consists of experienced professionals and adoptive parents who thoroughly understand the process of hosting and adopting a child. We have more than ten years of experience working with in-country regional authorities and orphanage directors that have resulted in strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust.

Please check our calendar for latest information on travel dates and special events/activities of our hosting program(s).

Thank you for your support!